Emergency Maintenance Requests

What is an Emergency?

If you experience one of the following, just call the office phone number and follow the prompts for Emergency Maintenance. Your message will be delivered to the On-Call Maintenance team member.


  • Any major electrical problem or power outage


  • No power to your stove and/or refrigerator


  • Any water leaks that cannot be contained in a bucket until the next business morning or any water leak that may be causing structural damage.


  • Any major sewer back-ups or non-working toilet in an apartment having only one bathroom


  • No air-conditioning when outside temperature is over 80 degrees. No heat when outside temperature is under 50 degrees. Please note that AC work cannot be performed on air conditioners in rain, lightning or at night.

If your problem is not listed above, please submit a Maintenance Request online at the Resident Login portal, or leave a message in the General Maintenance mailbox. We will happily address all other service calls during normal business hours. Please be advised that the maintenance team CANNOT enter your apartment if anyone under 18 is home alone and/or if dogs are unsecured.


  • Lock outs are NOT considered an Emergency. Resident lock outs are only performed during office hours for leaseholders. Minor occupants can only be provided entry with leaseholder permission. If a lock change is necessary, there will be a fee of $25.00 to be paid in advance.

Fire, assault, burglary, vandalism, suspicious persons or
circumstances should be immediately reported to the
Police or Fire Departments by dialing 911.